Using a peer-to-peer mutual credit system such as the Green America Exchange (GAEx) is profitable because it turns unused goods, un-booked appointments and under-utilized space into a valuable asset for your business.

Improve Cash Flow

The Green America Exchange helps your business by providing a channel to purchase needed goods and services using earned Exchange Dollars instead of cash. Using GAEx Trade Dollars to pay for variable expenses such as advertising, consulting services or web development makes it easier for you to cover fixed expenses such as your lease or wages using the national currency. Engaging in trade on the Exchange will increase your business’s purchasing power, and through the GAEx Premium Membership option you can even apply for an interest-free credit line!

Discover New Business Opportunities

When you activate your account in the Green America Exchange, it attracts other businesses that may never have purchased from you before. Since you agree to accept GAEx Trade Dollars, the entire Green Business Network™ (GBN) now sees your business as a fellow supporter of the community. Your business becomes their preferred vendor and these new customers can bring future cash sales through referrals.

Support Green Businesses and Local Economies

GBN members enjoy meeting, networking, and most of all, doing business together to support a common mission. The Green America Exchange facilitates all of these goals. When you do business with a GBN member, your business supports the local, green economy. The Exchange offers a way for businesses to trade locally and realize the value of their products and services in a way that is more cost effective than purchasing from outside suppliers.

Other benefits include:

24/7 Trading System

GAEx uses a state-of-the-art online trading portal which controls all transactions with ease, in a secure environment to help members buy and sell.

Moves Excess Inventory

Traditionally, excess inventory is discounted, sold at a loss, donated or destroyed. GAEx offers a new way to recover full market value for these commodities.

Promotes Repeat Business

Participants will support other members businesses over the competition because the Exchange Dollars they have earned are spent within the Green America Exchange.

Increases Cash Profits

Sales generated through GAEx are incremental business (over and above existing cash income). Using this new income, a business owner can offset current cash and future expenses by purchasing using GAEx instead.

Bad Debt Reconciliation

Green America Exchange members pay one another at the time of sale, taking the hassle out of debt collection. Members can also recover full value from existing at risk or overdue debts.

Increase Profitability

By adding new customers and additional revenue, a business can increase its overall profitability.

Invest Locally & Promote Giving

Members may also choose to utilize Green America Exchange trade dollars to invest in local enterprises, acquire property or purchase other assets. Also, charities can accept trade credit donations and spend them for things they need.

Interest-Free Financing

The Green America Exchange offers a revolving, interest-free line of credit to qualified members. Because credit is repaid through a business selling its own products or services, the repayment cost is always less than it would be with cash. This benefit is available to Premium Account holders only.

Provides a Test Market

GAEx offers a method of trying new products "off market," soliciting feedback, generating referrals and testing consumer acceptance before a full product launch.